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CS&E 200 30 Points Pre-Lab 8: Maintaining a Database in Access Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to reinforce and expand your knowledge of Microsoft Access and relational databases. In this lab you will practice maintaining a database, using the design and update features and querying. Estimated Time to Complete: Pre-Lab: 2-3 hours, closed lab session:1 hr. 48min – assignment to be distributed in class Pre-Lab Assignment – to be completed before coming to lab 1. Complete Access Project 3 , found on pages AC137-195 on your textbook. Page AC141 : You will open the JSP Recruiters.accdb database from your z:\windows\personal directory, not a USB drive. Remember, you created this file during lab7. If you have not completed the pre-lab #7 you will need to do so before proceeding. You may wish to keep a copy of your lab7 file as is, so use the Windows Explorer tool to copy the file. Do not print anything! On page AC162-164 the window will be Query3, since we made Query1 and Query2 in the prelab7. 2. Complete the following queries based on the Traffic Violations database. The traffic violation database of an insurance company contains the following tables: The People table lists the names of all the insured customers and their personal data including the category of their license (PC-personal car, T-truck, M-motorcycle) and the state the license was issued. Each person is uniquely identified by their License number. The Types table lists the descriptions of each unique violation type, the points and penalty associated with each. The Violation table is a record of all traffic violations that have taken place. This table includes the violator’s driver’s license number, the date the violation happened, the violation type and the state where the violation occurred. This database has been set up for you and it can be found on Carmen. Copy the file into your personal folder and perform the following queries. Save each query as Query1, query2, etc for in lab submission. Query1.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CSE 200 taught by Professor Mallon during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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prelab8 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CS&E 200 Pre-Lab 8...

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