prelab9 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CSE200 Pre-Lab Session 9...

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Pivot table Field List Task Pane Pivot table Area Field list Drag Fields to boxes Report Filter Row Labels Column Labels ‘∑ Values’ 1. CSE200 40 Points Pre-Lab Session 9: Project Integration Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to use and integrate the application tools you have learned in this course to help solve business problems. A typical problem in business usually requires the gathering of information, the analysis of data and the presentation of the results. This lab also seeks to extend your knowledge of these tools by utilizing some additional features Mail merge in MS Word and Pivot Tables in Excel. Estimated Time to Complete: Pre-Lab: 3-5 hours, closed lab session: 1 hr. 48min – assignment to be distributed in class Pre-Lab Assignment: 1. Complete Child Database problem. The child database contains a list of children who are enrolled in our Rec center physical activities programs. These children are given access to both the skating rink and swimming pools. Each activity session is recording on the corresponding table. Each child may participate in multiple swim and skate sessions. A child is uniquely identified by their Childid. You will use this database to analyze their activities to date. Download the database from Carmen. Then set up the appropriate relationships with referential data integrity enforced. Then use the database to answer the following questions: Query A -You are thinking of setting up a minimum swim session time of ten minutes. Before making a decision you want to see who and how many of these types of “short” sessions have been swam in the past. To do this you would like to create a list summarized by child that includes the childid#, the number of sessions they swam that are under 10 minutes, and the average time of those sessions. Consider what fields you need to show and which fields will have criteria and what types of aggregate functions are required. Remember, when you use the Total line to count or average you will need something in the field which contains the criteria. Use Where from the drop down menu for this field. Query B - The youth center has asked for you to simply summarize the total minutes of skate sessions for July, 2004. The resulting dataset should only consist of one number. Consider which fields you need to show and which fields contain criteria. Again you will need to “aggregate” a field to summarize total minutes and again you will have a criterion. How will you get an overall total without any groups? By simply not having a group by field at all the computer will aggregate the information into one single group total. Query C - The youth center is thinking of charging for swim lessons at a rate of $.50 per minute. Calculate the amount that each child would owe if they had been charged this fee.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CSE 200 taught by Professor Mallon during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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prelab9 - CS&E 200 Spring 2008 CSE200 Pre-Lab Session 9...

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