Notes (Week3) - Attributios and Will

Notes (Week3) - Attributios and Will - Notes for Week 3...

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Notes for Week 3 Reeder et al., 2004 I) It has been well established that people infer dispositional and situational attributions from behavior by the context in which it is observed (namely, situational constraints), but it might also be that people make dispositional inferences by inferring motivations for the behavior regardless of such constraints. a. What is the role of motivational inferences in dispositional inferences from behavior? II) Models: a. Global Causal Attributions i. Person either makes a dispositional attribution or a situational attribution depending on context ii. Discounting Principle – nothing is learned of the target if a situational attribution is made 1. Exceptions: a. Correspondence Bias – tendency to make dispositional attributions when the behavior is actually under control of situational forces (fund. att. bias) iii. Base-rate Assumption – behavior that is situationally induced is assumed to have a high base rate (everyone else is doing it too) b. Suspicion of Ulterior Motives i. Sometimes situational forces do not directly cause a behavior, but the behavior is suspected to be caused by ulterior motives (e.g., the wish to please/impress someone else, the wish to safeguard oneself from others) 1. This suspends dispositional attributions and allows for more complex attributional processing involving the target’s motivations 2. Divides situational forces into (both discount dispositional attributions): a. No-choice situational forces b. Ulterior motivations c. Multiple Inference Model i. Perceivers tend to draw multiple inferences about a target person and try to integrate these
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Notes (Week3) - Attributios and Will - Notes for Week 3...

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