Notes (Week6) - Conformity and Interrogation

Notes (Week6) - Conformity and Interrogation - Notes for...

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Notes for Week 6 I) Participants were either accountant-primed, punk-primed or no-primed and sent through the Asch line experiment a. They showed progressively more conformity from punk-, no- to accountant-primed b. Those who were punk-primed were not significantly different than those who performed the Asch task alone (no conformity at all) I) Goals – people are motivated to achieve their goals in the most effective and rewarding manner possible a. Goal of Accuracy – need to correctly interpret and react to incoming information b. Goal of Affiliation – need to create and maintain meaningful social relationships c. Goal of Maintaining Positive Self-concept – need to enhance one’s self-concept by acting in ways that are consistent with it II) Compliance – acquiescence to a request a. This may be in an implicit way where nothing is directly asked, but the target knows that she is being urged to respond in a desired way b. Goal of Accuracy – when is it appropriate for one to comply? i. Affect and Arousal – people look to their affect to inform them on whether to comply 1. Fear-then-relief procedure – when people are first made anxious and then that anxiety is assuaged, they become particularly compliant (mindless) 2. That’s-not-all technique – make an initial request and then immediately make the deal seem better (anchor and adjust) a. The “better deal” seems more acceptable compared to the anchor point and people feel some need to positively respond to the person’s generosity b. This can backfire if the anchor point is too high, best it is deemed really unacceptable, which makes any further offers also seem unacceptable ii. Authority – people are often rewarded for complying to authority figures iii. Social norms – determine when it is appropriate for one to comply, especially in times of uncertainty, but the norm has to be salient at the time to be effective c. Goal of Affiliation – if we engage in behaviors that other approve of they will approve of us too i. Liking – the more you like someone, the more you are likely to comply with them
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Notes (Week6) - Conformity and Interrogation - Notes for...

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