Notes (Week9) - Stereotype Threat

Notes (Week9) - Stereotype Threat - Notes for Week 9...

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Notes for Week 9 Steele, 1997 I) Stereotypes and Domain Identification a. In order to maintain success in school, one needs to identify with school and its subdomains i. This identification process is frustrated for Blacks and women through economic disadvantage, stereotypes and gender roles ii. Stereotype threat further exacerbates attaining this goal II) Why sociocultural factors do not account for the gap completely: a. Minority student gaps persist regardless of sociocultural class b. Gaps in test scores is not adequately predicted by actual deficits in skill or academic performance i. “Over-prediction” (predicting higher than what the tests yield) is extremely common III) Identification with School a. Relies on the self-evaluative prospects IV)Stereotype Threat a. Occurs when one is doing something that may make them negatively stereotyped and often results in poorer performance because of it i. Results from a fear of living up to the stereotype, a fear of being reduced to the stereotype ii. The threat only results from tasks that would normally frustrate people (can’t be too easy) b. Stereotypes about Blacks and women are often focused around poor academic achievement c. Problems that arise: i. Stereotype threat causes affective reactions that hinder performance (“spotlight anxiety”) ii. Exposure to stereotypes may even lead to internalization of them (“inferiority anxiety”) 1. Any normal pitfalls may be interpreted as proving the stereotype iii. As identification with this task increases, so too does stereotype threat iv. This threat can also be increased when surrounded my many outgroup members, making your group membership and consequential differences from others more salient v. The constant pressure to “prove oneself” in all affected settings is daunting and tiring d. Dealing with the threat: i. Many try to disassociate with that which causes them to feel threat 1. By identifying with other things, one can alleviate this threat, but at a major cost
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Notes (Week9) - Stereotype Threat - Notes for Week 9...

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