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Lecture (Week2) - Consistency Seeker Motivational and...

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Consistency Seeker: Motivational and Affective Influences I) Intuitive scientist model always operates under the idea that people really want to be accurate a. Motivational and affective influences can greatly affect us when we aren’t so motivated II) Top-down influence on our perceptions a. Our already existing motives, goals and needs help to shape how we perceive things b. Also makes us inhibit perception of threatening stimuli c. Problems: i. How do you separate motivation from expectation? 1. Could “motivated” origin beliefs just be “expected” origin beliefs? III) Dissonance may affect perceptions a. Want to remain consistent and maintain a stable, positive self-image i. So we would expect that people who came to the more “intolerant” conclusions for sake of accuracy may then view those conclusions as more tolerant to match their own perceived tolerance. b. After making conclusions, hindsight is biased to view that conclusion as the correct one i.
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