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Discussion (Week7) - Beyond behaviorism: On the...

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Beyond behaviorism: On the automaticity of higher mental processes I) Behaviorism and cognitive psychology both share a traditional conception of determinism a. Behaviorism assumes that behavior is driven by antecedents like reinforcement and punishment b. Cognitive psychology assumes that most behavior is strongly, if not wholly, driven by unconscious, automatic processes i. Free will can influence behavior only through conscious thought ii. Even choices made by consciousness, however, are still determined by causes II) Transition from Behaviorism to Cognitive Science a. Simple S-R chains offered little explanation and prediction of complex human behavior b. Cognitive science still kept the deterministic outlook on human behavior, but began to research mental, and oftentimes unconscious, processes that mediate that behavior III) Automatic Higher Order Processes a. By Means of Unconscious Social Perception i. Social cognitions are often spontaneously and automatically encoded as trait-concepts 1. Forming most impression formations unconsciously 2. Has been demonstrated through trait priming and its effects on subsequent, but
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Discussion (Week7) - Beyond behaviorism: On the...

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