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Chapter 1 - I Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview Overview...

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3.1.5 Chapter 1 – Introduction and Overview I) Overview of Theory Chapters: a. Psychoanalytic Therapy – based largely on insight, unconscious motivation and reconstruction of personality b. Adlerian Therapy – focus on meaning, goals, purposeful behavior, conscious action, belonging and social interest c. Existential Approach – stresses a concern for what it means to be fully human and addresses those themes, like freedom and responsibility, anxiety, guilt, awareness of being finite, creating life meaning and shaping one’s future through active choices d. Person-centered Approach – maintains that the quality of the client-therapist relationship is the prime determinant of the outcomes of the therapeutic process e. Gestalt Therapy – range of experiments to help clients focus on what they are experiencing now f. Reality Therapy – focuses on client’s current behavior and stresses developing clear plans for new behavior g.
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