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Chapter 6 - I Chapter 6 Existential Therapy Key Figures a...

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3.22.5 Chapter 6 – Existential Therapy I) Key Figures: a. Historical Background in Philosophy i. Soren Kierkegaard – becoming human is the project of creating ourselves, which is often driven by angst, a necessary combination of dread and anxiety one feels in life ii. Friedrich Nietzsche – we give free reign to our will to power and thus tap our potential for originality iii. Martin Heidegger – the way we fill our lives with the mundane shows who we live under the delusion that we will live forever. We should not live out our lives by the expectations of others iv. Jean-Paul Sartre – the existence of space between the whole of our past and now frees us to perpetually choose who we are and we must face up to this freedom and also acknowledge the responsibility that comes with it v. Martin Buber – We should always approach others in the frame of I/Thou, not I/It vi. Ludwig Binswanger – emphasized the subject spiritual dimension of human existence vii. Medard Boss – emphasized being-in-the-world, which is our ability to reflect on life events an
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