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Class Notes Week 2 - 3-3-04 I) Class Notes (Forensic Psych)...

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3.3.4 Class Notes (Forensic Psych) I) Mental Status Examination (categories of observation related to types of mental disorders) a. Orientation i. Person – do they know who they are ii. Place – do they know where they are iii. Time – do they know the date 1. Disorientation is usually present first in time, then place, then person iv. Oriented X3 – the subject is oriented in all three areas b. Attention and Concentration i. Attention – selected recognition and ignorance of specific stimuli over others 1. Test people through math problems (count back from 100 by 7’s [serial sevens]) 2. Ask people to repeat spoken numbers forward or backward ii. People who are inebriated or hallucinating (preoccupied with internal stimuli) will have problems with attention/concentration c. Memory i. Immediate (working memory) 1. Same as attention/concentration number tests ii. Recent (short-term memory) 1. What did you do last weekend? What did you have for breakfast this morning? (events from a few hours ago to a few days ago) 2. Usually a subject is tested by getting three words to remember and then get asked what those words were five minutes later iii. Remote (long-term memory) 1. Tell me all the places you lived growing up (events in distant past) iv. Age-related memory loss usually affects immediate and recent memory d. Judgment – the ability to take factual information and use it, put facts together, in order to come up with
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Class Notes Week 2 - 3-3-04 I) Class Notes (Forensic Psych)...

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