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Unformatted text preview: 3.17.4 Forensic Class Notes – Police Psychology I) Pre-employment Psychological Screening a. Job-related Psychological Characteristics : i. Anger Control – be able to be aggressive and use force without anger ii. Emotional Control – be able to control emotions like sadness, hysteria, anxiety, sexual/romantic feelings, over-involvement with victims iii. Stress and Threat Tolerance iv. Acceptance of Criticism – police are always given orders and corrections and must comply v. Impulse/Risk Control – control romantic/aggressive/hysterical impulses vi. Positive Attitude vii. Assertiveness/Tenacity viii. Command Presence/Influence – project that you’re in command ix. Integrity – someone with a solid internal conscience x. Dependability/Reliability xi. Initiative/Achievement Motivation – you want cops to have the initiative to work and patrol even when they aren’t on an active call xii. Conformance to Rules and Regulations xiii. Adaptability/Flexibility – there are many roles a cop has to play: take orders, give orders,...
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