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4.21.4 Forensic Psychology – Class Notes I) Understanding the School Shooters a. Chronology : i. 2-2-96 (3 deaths): Barry Loukaitis, Frontier HS, Moses Lake, Washington 1. First case of school shooting ii. 2-19-97 (2 deaths): Evan Ramsey, Bethel Regional HS, Bethel, Alaska 1. Wanted to die by cops, but grew scared and threw down his gun after just shooting the principle in the chest iii. 10-1-97 (3 deaths): Luke Woodham, Pearl HS, Pearl, Mississippi 1. Killed parents too iv. 12-1-97 (3 deaths): Michael Carneal, Heath HS, West Paducah, Kentucky 1. Fired on a prayer group (friend was charged in conspiracy) v. 3-24-98 (5 deaths): Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, Westside MS, Jonesboro, Arkansas 1. Snipers, first dual killing team vi. 4-24-98 (1 death): Andrew Wurst, Andrew J. Parker MS, Edinboro, Pennsylvania vii. 5-21-98 (5 deaths): Kip Kinkel, Thurston HS, Springfield, Oregon viii. 4-20-99 (15 deaths): Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Columbine HS, Littleton Colorado ix. 3-7-01 (1 wounded): Elizabeth Catherine Bost, Bishop Neumann Junior-Senior HS,
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  • Spring '05
  • Pennsylvania, Columbine High School massacre, School shooting, Bethel Regional HS, Evan Ramsey, Neumann Junior-Senior HS

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