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Class Notes Week 7

Class Notes Week 7 - I Forensic Psych Class Notes#8 WIC5150...

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5.5.4 Forensic Psych Class Notes (#8) I) WIC5150 – section of the law that allows designated individuals to involuntarily hospitalize people under certain conditions (was done a lot before the 1960’s without much regulation) a. 1968’s Lanterman Petris Short Act (LPS Act) – redefined the way mentally ill would be treated i. Applied a legal standard to when a person can be hospitalized involuntarily 1. A person can only be involuntarily hospitalized if they prove to be a danger to themselves, a danger to others or in a grave state of disability (cannot provide for themselves in the way of food, clothing and shelter) ii. Defined the length of time someone could be held (72 hours/3 days) 1. This time can be extended to an additional 14 days if the hospital can prove to a court that the person continues to be a danger to themselves, others, or is gravely disabled II) Parens Patriae – the protective role the government plays in protecting people from other people and protecting people from themselves (ex – protect the suicidal or the gravely disabled) III) Megan’s Law (Megan Kanka) – a little girl who was unknowingly living next to a convicted child offender that ended up raping and killing her a. The outrage this caused spurred on the law that makes it so people can know if there are any convicted sexual offenders currently living in their neighborhood IV) Sexually Violent Predators
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