1-26-05 oneill, stike, kupperman

1-26-05 oneill, stike, kupperman - 1/26/05 I) O-Neill...

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1/26/05 O-Neill – Partial and Ideal Autonomy I) Ideal Autonomy – a person with full cognitive and volitional capacities who understands the situation, alternatives and consequences and is in a position that they can freely chose between them a. More of a hypothetical concept invented by society in order to make us accountable for our actions so that the systems of society (law, medicine, etc…) can operate II) Informed Consent – requires a rational person, who has been given sufficient information to properly chose a. Rational – competent (sane, conscious, adult) person who understands the consequences and has a relatively good leaning toward truth and fairness b. Sufficient Information – as much as the relevant topics that the person needs and can understand so that they can know the alternatives and their consequences i. Bad Standards : 1. All Information – too tedious and supposes the person is an expert in order to make every decision in the service 2. Standard Amount – what everyone else is given might not be enough 3. Patient Preferences – the uninformed patient does not even know how much they need ii. Sufficient information is still vague and presupposes a rational person and leaves so much ambiguity that it easily leaves room for lawsuits iii. Also, no one can really inform you about all the possible outcomes or be able to tell you exactly what will happen with each alternative c. The autonomy of others is judged valid and thus granted by the professional so they don’t even really
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1-26-05 oneill, stike, kupperman - 1/26/05 I) O-Neill...

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