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1-28-05 macmillan, sichel

1-28-05 macmillan, sichel - I MacMillan Professionalization...

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1/28/05 MacMillan – Professionalization of Teachers I) Ways in which Teachers Lack Professionalism: a. Not trusted, respect not given in autonomy (heavily regulated instead of self-regulated) i. The school is publicly funded so the public definitely has more of a right to regulate it (the politics he’s trying to get rid of are necessary) b. Not nearly as much education or specialization and no real particular body of knowledge required c. Status i. A doctor not practicing is still a doctor (is known as one for education and credentials), but a teachers is only so when they teach (they are because they do) II) Autonomy Only Comes with Responsibility a. Gain responsibility through a code of ethics and an ethics committee, which act as a guarantee of accountability to the public so that trust is gained i. But, doctors have the AMA and only about 30% of doctors are a part of it so could this type of organization really be the reason people trust doctors enough to give them autonomy? Does the public really trust doctors?
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