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11-08-05 sullivan - 11/8/04 I) Sullivan Notes Professional...

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11/8/04 Sullivan Notes I) Professional Ideal – the embodiment of the American middle-class ideal to both contribute something of value to society and achieve a respectable status i. It’s a middle-class ideal because the middle class has the money to pursue it (unlike the lower- classes) but still want to move up to it and serve society (professionalism is a step down for the upper-classes) b. Vocation – an inward drive or calling that inspires people to learn skills and apply them to the social world through a profession that they both believe in and feel is satisfying in the ways in which it lets them contribute back to society i. Vocation is needed because the kind of skilled work demanded of people has become too complicated for codes and regulations to regulate so that people must be internally motivated to act ethically in their job. This is the reason why people must create and adhere to professional ethics, in order to help develop and maintain the vital drive of vocation. I) How the Professional Ideal Has Eroded c. People stopped trusting professionals i. Failures of public policies put into place by people with supposedly superior knowledge ii. Abuse of power and privilege by greedy individuals weakened people’s views of professional self-regulation iii. Downsizing d. This created anxiety, a lack of trust and, as people started to become more educated and able to recognize malpractice, started a barrage of lawsuits e. Bureaucracy was put into place because of lack of public trust in professionals. These bureaucracies
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11-08-05 sullivan - 11/8/04 I) Sullivan Notes Professional...

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