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1/11/05 Davis Notes I) Legalism – following or adhering to the rules a. Ethics is just strictly following the rules, what makes actions ethical is whether or not they follow rules b. Assumption is that people behave the way they do because of rules i. Professionals do what they do because rules demand it of them ii. But, do professionals do what they do and act ethically just because they want to avoid punishments or accumulate rewards or is there some other drive toward good? II) What Really is “Following the Rules” a. Interpretive Obedience – being able to properly interpret the rule within the given context, consequences and taking into account the true intention of the rule (following the spirit of the rule) and how it fits in with the other rules and sometimes, since humans are fallible, not following the rule at all because it’s unethical i. But, if you’re doing all of this then why do you even need rules, you could just be thinking critically about your behavior its own ethicality
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