Arendt chap 1-3

Arendt chap 1-3 - 5-4-03Arendt - Chapters 1-3I)Fate and the...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-4-03Arendt - Chapters 1-3I)Fate and the Individual(19, 52)a.During the trial the people tried to make Eichmann representative of thousands of years of anti-semetismb.Eichmann isnt being looked at as an individuali.This takes away his responsibility of his actions and just makes him a cog in the machine of anti-semitism, that was fated to supposedly test the Jewish people1.Semetism was looked at as fated and a historical necessary part of the lives of Jewsa.The Germans even used this to think of their fight against the Jews as being preordained and part of their destiny. They used it to excuse their actionsc.But he is not anything so grand, he is just an ordinary individuali.He is responsible for his actionsd.Overview the general can make the individual, but an individual cannot be representative of the general, they are still responsible for their actionsi.Ex generalSemitism individualEichmann1.Makes for coexisting contrary views me the individual and me the product and tool of...
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