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Unformatted text preview: 5.13.3 Arendt – Movie Notes I) Jews were looked at as a “germ” that had to be exterminated a presence that had to be gotten rid of and it was considered moral to fulfill your duties in this practice and to not let the grisly sight change you or get in the way of your duties, this was considered a desired strength. Morals really are just determined by the society on is in. So it is really not morally wrong according to these people to kill the Jews II) Eichmann’s view was that he was always following orders from those above him, and everyone below him was just doing their own thing or not following his orders how he intended a. He thought that it was just a job, a job that was meant to be done as proficiently as possible b. Maybe it wasn’t his choice to not follow orders, but he put himself in that situation in the first place and he could have just quite at any time c. In a corporation type setting you aren’t thought of as an individual, which makes you feel like just a cog...
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