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Augustine - I-1 I-11 - 2-16-03 I) Augustine I.1 I.11...

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2.16.3 Augustine – I.1 – I.11 I) Augustine a. Youth lecherous, then joined the Manichean i. Believed in two equal gods (good god and bad god) b. Then he had a revelation, became a Christian, and then became a saint c. His works: i. Confessions (autobiography) ii. City of God (detailed differences between a divine city and an earthly city) iii. The Trinity (talks about the father/son/holy ghost) d. He believed that everything in religion should be understood, not just believed i. Faith is a stepping stone to understanding, but you cannot understand without faith II) Isn’t God the cause of evil a. Two kinds of evil: i. When someone has done evil ii. When someone has suffered evil b. God is good, thus he does no evil c. God is just, thus he doles out punishment that is an evil unto others (the second kind of evil) d. Overview: i. The first kind of evil is done by people of their own free will and they are punished by God with the second kind of evil e. Nothing causes evil, because evil is nothing (it’s just a defect in something’s nature) i. If A is to cause B, then B has to exist and since it doesn’t (evil doesn’t exist) nothing can cause it. 1. Evil is present however it does not exist. III) From whom do we learn sin? a. Since learning is good, because understanding something is good and no one has learned unless they understand so learning is good, and the word learning means to know something then we cannot learn evil, because we cannot know it i. Although we do about the nature of things, so one could say that committing evil is turning away from learning ii. Also, since evil is nothing and to learn something you need a “something” you cannot learn evil,
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Augustine - I-1 I-11 - 2-16-03 I) Augustine I.1 I.11...

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