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2.22.3 Augustine II.7-17 I) Number – any material object has a number a. Quantifiable - you can count it, measure it b. Plurality of Aspects – can perceive it from an infinite number of angles in time c. Infinitesimally Divisible – everything can be divided infinitely d. Everything can be described in mathematical terms II) Perspective – we all have distinct senses (I can’t see what you see), but we all see the same thing, just from different perspectives a. Two people can never share the same perspective at the same place and the same time b. Everything in the sensible world is not shareable i. It is “private property” ii. Private property is not secure because they can be taken or changed against your will III) Private Property – whatever belongs to us individually, that which is perceived by only one of us and then belongs to that individual’s own nature a. Like the sense of taste and small. Two people cannot taste/smell the exact same thing because once it has been smelled/tasted that
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