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Augustine - II-18 III-1

Augustine - II-18 III-1 - I Augustine II.18-III.1 Should...

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2.22.3 Augustine II.18-III.1 I) Should God have given us free will? a. Without the will we would be able to do nothing rightly, because we can only live rightly if we will it i. Why didn’t God give us the will like he gave us justice, which cannot be used to sin? 1. You cannot use justice wrongly just as you can’t use prudence and temperance wrongly, because they are properties of a wise soul and you cannot use a wise soul wrongly b. God created the will and everything God created is good i. The will is of the soul just as the hand is of the body. The hand is a good thing even though it can be used badly 1. A great good is missing in a soul that lacks will just as a good is missing in the body that lacks hands II) Since all good things come from God, prove that the will is good a. The gospel says that even our hair is good (each hair is numbered and known by God [Matthew 10:30]) and you can live rightly without hair, but you cannot live rightly without the will so it must be much better b.
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