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Augustine - intro - 2-14-03 I) Augustine Introduction...

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2.14.3 Augustine – Introduction I) Freedom (types of) a. Physical Freedom – nothing to hinder someone from acting the way they chose (as long as the door is not locked, I am free to go through it) i. But, if one is in a “deterministic” universe, where every action is determined by previous actions all the way back to the initial universe, then I am physically free (the door is unlocked), but my actions are not (I am predetermined not to go through the door) 1. Free to choose how to act, but the choices themselves aren’t free b. Metaphysical Freedom (Libertarianism) – freedom to choose how to act that is not determined by anything outside of one’s control i. This is made possible because people possess “the will”, the power to choose which direction in action to take, which is unaffected by the power of cause and effect 1. Holds us to be responsible for our actions ii. Deterministic View of Metaphysical Freedom 1. Our choices are free from external circumstances, but are determined by internal ones such as desires, beliefs, etc… which are under our control. This is known as “compatibilism”, the belief that determinism is compatible with human freedom and responsibility a. But they are not under our control if you believe in determinism, because the states of mind that determine our choice now was once influenced by previous states of mind and those states of mind were formed from others and so on until it links back to circumstances before our birth, and how could we be in control of anything before we were born iii. Because of our metaphysical freedom we are truly made in the image of God, because we possess the freedom of action to create genuine change, to create something that would not have been without our will iv. In concern with evil 1. Without metaphysical freedom evil would be the cause of an uncontrollable chain of events started in the initial universe and governed by natural laws, both created by God
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Augustine - intro - 2-14-03 I) Augustine Introduction...

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