Augustine III-2 III-10

Augustine III-2 III-10 - 3-2-03 I) Augustine III. 2-10 If...

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3.2.3 Augustine III. 2-10 I) If God can foresee all that will happen then aren’t all sins necessary, because they were all foreseen and destined to happen? a. It is true that God knows all and so knows what we are going to will in the future, whether it be willing happiness or willingly falling to inordinate desires, but that doesn’t change the fact that we willed it b. You will be happy when God foresees that you will be happy, but he will not make you happy against your will, because he is superior and that would be unjust c. The will is just my power of my choices, God knows this power, but just because he knows it doesn’t mean it’s been taken away, in fact it further proves its existence, because God, who is never wrong, knows it d. If God cannot justly punish sinners just because he knew they would sin then he also couldn’t reward those he foresees doing good II) Don’t say that humans should never have been created or created differently a. People say that it would be better if humans could not use their will to sin and were always happy i. Know that if you can imagine something that is truly better then anything you have ever seen
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Augustine III-2 III-10 - 3-2-03 I) Augustine III. 2-10 If...

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