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3.12.3 Leibniz – paragraph 1-20 I) There is a perfect interconnectedness of everything that exists a. So much so that nothing can happen without a just cause and that cause has a cause and so on i. There is nothing without a cause (which creates perfect order between all things) b. One’s will is the cause of our actions i. But our will also has a cause so justice is null because our actions are predetermined II) People should just have faith and they will be saved c. But God has already preordained who will have faith or not so why does God save so few? II) Contingent – something that has a cause, depends on something, it isn’t necessary in itself, subject to chance a. (7) There is nothing about the bounded things (things with limits) that makes it have to exist and it would be possible for these things to not exist or to be different i. Example – if the table were necessary then we wouldn’t be able to imagine it any differently 1. 2 + 2 = 4 is necessary because it could not be any other way
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