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Unformatted text preview: 3.18.3 Leibniz 34-44 I) Freedom a. Equipoise – to be equally poised between two completely equal options i. It was thought that when humans are positioned between two equal options a human can arbitrarily decide one over the other 1. Indifference of Equipoise – thought to be a type of freedom ii. Although that’s not real decision making, it’s just a random action b. Leibniz believed there is a reason for every decision we make, but that doesn’t mean that that decision isn’t free i. Also stated that equipoise is impossible in the universe, because you can’t have two perfectly equal options ii. Leibniz believed that there is a reason for everything c. Inclination – when one option looks better then any other we want it, and when we have the power to achieve it then we will achieve it i. We do because we are more inclined to do that then the other, but that doesn’t make it necessary to do that II) Necessity a. It can be certain that something will happen in the future, but that doesn’t make it any less subject to...
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