Leibniz 68-84 - reason III) God Before Creation a. God,...

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3.28 Leibniz 68 – 84 I) Means and End – God doesn’t contemplate any end that doesn’t have a means a. The only means God really has to worry about is that the world doesn’t have any contradictions or anything that would go against the rationality and laws of the universe II) Happiness a. God antecedently wants everyone to be happy and saved but that can’t be realized in the best of possible worlds b. Also since God considers himself then he must also consider his creatures because he shares with them
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Unformatted text preview: reason III) God Before Creation a. God, before creation, was contemplating all possible worlds and deciding on them IV) The difference between all possible worlds and the existing world is that the existing world is the best and better then all possible worlds. The existing world is inherently better in that it exists, for anything that exists is good in that it exists...
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