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Leibniz 104-106 - c For Augustine – evil is nothing a...

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4.1.3 Leibniz 104-106 I) God’s Plan – we can’t know it because we don’t have the capacity to understand it. We are limited in knowledge and understanding a. Men are saved not by their excellence, but in accordance with their conformity to God I) Best World b. Leibniz gives evil a purpose – it makes the good better and more noticeable (spicy adds to sweet, pleasurable pain, shadows highlight light, etc…) i. Evil is justified in its use
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Unformatted text preview: c. For Augustine – evil is nothing, a lack in existence d. For Leibniz – evil is useful and necessary in the best world. The world would lack without evil. i. This world is the best in that it has the most order and harmony which pleases a rational God and so should please us as rational beings 1. The world is the best for rational minds to appreciate, because it is perfectly ordered...
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