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Nietzsche I.17-25 - I Nietzsche II.17-25(17 The noble(blond...

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4.23.3 Nietzsche II.17-25 I) (17) The noble (blond beast of prey) helped to create bad conscience a. They took the freedom away from the weak b. This yearning for freedom was repressed and pushed back within the people and they finally learned to vent this on themselves inwardly i. (18) “a soul voluntarily at odds with itself that makes itself suffer out of joy in making suffer” ii. This may have brought about beauty; (18) “what would be ‘beautiful’ if the contradiction had not first become conscious of itself, if he ugly had not first said to itself: ‘I am ugly’?” II) (19) Origin of God a. In early tribes the tribe members always recognized the contributions of past members, especially tribe- founders i. “The conviction reigns that it is only through the sacrifices and accomplishments of the ancestors that the tribe exists” b. So the tribe is conscious of their “debt” to them, which grows greater as the tribe grows stronger,
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