Chapter 8 - 1-15-03 I) Chapter 8 Choosing the Right...

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1.15.3 Chapter 8 – Choosing the Right Research Design I) Types of Research Designs a. One-way Designs – a design that includes only one independent variable i. Two-groups design – the one independent variable has only two levels (simplest form) ii. One-way, multiple-groups designs – designs with one independent variable that has three or more levels 1. Disadvantage – takes more people, more time b. Factorial Designs – consist of two or more independent variables that are completely crossed: every level of the independent variable is combined with every other level i. Labeling these consists of: 1. 2 x 3 x 2 = 12 a. three different independent variables b. each number represents how many different levels there are to each independent variable c. x says that they are completely crossed d. the total is the total amount of cells (sets of conditions) there are in the experiment e. this is representative of a 3 way ANOVA ii. Advantages of the 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 1. Anything more is too costly and complex 2. Good for qualification (finding boundaries to theories) because they see how an independent variable effects the dependant variable in the presence of another variable (in other words: in what situations the hypothesis works) a. Interaction - when two independent variables help to manipulate the dependent variable 3. Most theories are A causes B so the factorial designs that tests them usually aren’t an more complex iii. Main Effects – the general effect of one independent variable across the board on the dependent
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Chapter 8 - 1-15-03 I) Chapter 8 Choosing the Right...

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