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1.27.3 Chapter 11 – Telling the World About It I) Hour Glass Form : a. Intro – open broadly with a general statement about people or question b. Specific Research Hypothesis – report on other cases done pertaining to yours and give logic to what you’re studying c. Method and Results – be very specific and detailed d. General Discussion – offer insights into how your findings mirror or predict actual everyday behavior e. Summarize II) The Rules of Research Papers : a. Be Correct – do your homework and proofread b. Be Clear – write as if you are presenting it to someone who knows nothing about the topic i. Avoid jargon, abbreviations and big words c. Be Comprehensive d. Be Coherent – use hourglass form, use headers and consider order e. Be Concise f. Be Cautious – always state the weaknesses of your paper before critics do and cover different
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Unformatted text preview: interpretations of your findings g. Be Creative h. Be Gender-Neutral I) How to Give a Good Talk i. Clarity i. First talk about the conceptual variables, the abstract variables one withes to study, before getting into the operational definitions ii. Be redundant iii. Ask the audience if they understand what you’re saying if they look lost iv. Use visual aids v. Don’t use a lot of data and when you have to make it short and easily understandable vi. Take the audience’s perspective and make sure it all works j. Talk about one interesting thing k. Take charge of the interaction – don’t let audiences make you deviate from the topic l. End at the End i. Summarize your findings ii. Also point out what other things your findings might suggest...
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