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1.3.3 Class Notes – Introduction I) Intro. a. Psychology – science of behavior and mind i. Mind – sensations, perceptions, memories, subjective experience ii. Science – systematic collection and logical analysis of objectively observed data 1. observed behavior makes inferences about the mind b. “Physics Envy i. Psychology can never really prove a theory (Hume’s problem with induction) ii. There is also always a chance people could deviate from a set theory II) Thinking like a scientist a. Develop “critical ability ” (somewhere in the middle of gullible and skeptical) b. The Fallacists’ Fallacy (find flaw dismiss argument) i. Arguments that are false in one respect are false in all respects ii. Arguments that are false in some/all respects also have false conclusions iii. Arguments that are false are because of author’s depravity (or visa-versa) I) Ways of acquiring knowledge c. Tenacity – unquestioning faith (not open to POV’s). Usually builds when they are always around that
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