01 Organizing and Using Social Information

01 Organizing and Using Social Information - Study Question...

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Study Question #1: Use what you learned in class to explain how people organize and use information about the social world. Organize: People organize information about the social world using schemes. Schemes are organized networks that we create in our minds around all of the different objects we pay attention to in our lives, which includes all of the different way we think about the object and all that we know about the object. Each network includes the object and all those things that are associated with that object, such as ideas, emotions and beliefs. For instance, the schema I have of hotdogs might include the fact that I like them, but feel guilty after eating them because I know they aren’t good for me, that chicken dogs taste better than regular hot dogs and that when you see hot dogs on television they usually just have a single wavy line of mustard on them. All of this information is made from generalizations taken from my actual experiences. Schemas like this are activated every time one comes across these objects in life, whether they be people, things or even abstract concepts such as freedom. They shape the way we perceive the world around us, so that we will naturally recognize things in our life that are well represented in our schemas but might unconsciously ignore things that aren’t. However, schemes can change with new experiences if they are strong or important enough. These schemes help us act quickly and fluidly in the world around us, giving us unconscious, default information about everything so that we can interact appropriately in a timely manner. For instance, if I come across a hotdog vendor on the street I’m likely to quickly decide not to stop there or I might not even consider stopping there at all, because of all of the ideas, emotions and beliefs in my schema of hotdogs, not to mention my schema of hotdog vendors. All of these schemes are linked together in the mind in a kind of memory network.
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01 Organizing and Using Social Information - Study Question...

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