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assingment1-1 - P(3,2)= 3(3-2 P(3,2)=6 Ex 8 12 programs...

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Rima Patel Assignment #1 Ex 2 (C) If repetitions are allowed, as in part (b) how many of the plates have only vowels (A,E,I,O,U)  and even digits? (c)(5) ×  (5) = 5 = 15625. Ex 4(a) How many different slates consisting of a president, Vice president, secretary, and treasure can  the board present to the stockholders for their approvals? 10 * 4 = 40 Could be following not sure please tell me which one is correct N=10 R=4 C(10,4) = 10! 4! (6)! C= (10, 4)= 210 Ex 6 (a)  If 30 people enter the race, in how many different ways will it be possible the award the  trophies? ANS 30 people and 8 trophies 30*8 = 240 (B) If Roberta and Candice is two participants in the race in how many ways can the trophies be  awarded with these two runners among the top three?
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ANS        N= 3 R=2
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Unformatted text preview: P(3,2)= 3!/(3-2)! P(3,2)=6 Ex 8 12 programs have been submitted earlier that day for batch processing? (a) There is no restriction? Ans: 12! Ways can be send program for batch processing. (c) ANs P (12, 3) = 12! /9! = 1320 18 Morgan is considering the purchase of a low-end computer system…… Ans N=7 R=3 P(7,3)=7!/4! P(7,3)= 210 20. Over the internet, data are transmitted in structured blocks of bits called datagrams . a) In how many ways can the letters in DATAGRAM be arranged? 8 letters Duplicates: 3 A’s 8! / 3! = 6720 b) For the arrangements of part a) , how many have all three A’s together? Since the A’s are not distinct, there is one way to arrange AAA. Consider AAA to be one symbol 1 * 6!...
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assingment1-1 - P(3,2)= 3(3-2 P(3,2)=6 Ex 8 12 programs...

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