Midterm 2 - definitions

Midterm 2 - definitions - Mead's Self a being that is, in...

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Mead’s Self – a being that is, in part, defined and created through social interactions, can employ the use of language and has the ability to pay attention to itself. Role Taking – imaginatively taking on the point of view of others and observing your behavior in this role, used to anticipate others’ actions. Reflective Appraisal – developing beliefs about oneself through role taking, and then seeing how others view you. Generalized Other – the role-played perspective that is a generalization of your society at large or some sub-group in it, with its own beliefs and expectations. Emotional Identification – things that become part of your self-concept, things you identify with, are objects that you being emotionally connected with and can affect how you view your self-concept. Self-concept – includes all of the thoughts and feelings that define the self (selectively choose experiences to represent ourselves), a person’s narrative story of oneself which is reconstructed every time we change, offers a basis on which to build new experiences upon and a model to guide one’s thoughts and behavior. Self-complexity – the extent to which schemas about oneself are organized in a complex fashion, depends on the number of self-schemas and the amount of interconnectedness between these self-schemas. Remedial Self-presentation – when someone does something that they don’t feel is part of their self-concept, (I did this, but I’m not that type of person). Organization of Info (Differentiation) – negative and positive information are stored separately and when one is activated, the other one isn’t (you don’t think about any of your bad qualities unless they are primed and then you
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Midterm 2 - definitions - Mead's Self a being that is, in...

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