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Study Question #1 : Use what you learned in class to explain how people organize and use information about the social world. I) Organize : A) People organize information about the social world using schemas . [define schemas (organized network of related ideas/emotions/ thoughts, made form generalizations, shape perceptions, helps us act quickly by using our “default”, unconscious info about things, but can change with new experiences)] Each network includes the object and all those things that are associated with that object, such as ideas, emotions and beliefs. B) All of these schemas are linked together in the mind in a kind of memory network . This network is made up of elements, of individual objects of thought and emotion, and links between these elements called associative bonds, links made through associations. [explain nodes and links and types of links]. In short, this memory network, complete with all it’s elements, the schemas that are formed around them and the associative bonds that link them all together makes up the mind, the key instrument to any
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