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Midterm 2 - SQ2 - Study Question#2 Use what you learned in...

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Study Question #2 : Use what you learned in class and from the text to explain what the self-concept is and to describe how the processes below shape it’s content: information processing, role taking and social comparison. I) Self-concept [define]. A) This main theory we all have about ourselves is constructed through individual experience and evolves over time with new experiences. However, not every experience is internalized into the self-concept. During our lives we chose many times over which experiences to be representative of ourselves as a whole. B) Personal Narrative – the story people constructs from select experiences in order to explain to they got to be the way they are, which is often changes, highlighting different experiences, if the people themselves change. The critical thing is that we decide which characteristics to embody in ourselves, to form our self- concept, by choosing experiences that we think representative of ourselves. These self-
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