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Study Question #6 – Use information from class and your text to explain why people are prejudiced against people from ethnic groups different from their own. I) Individuals: A) Illusory Correlation – thinking that two things are correlated when they actually aren’t. 1) Shared distinctiveness – couples unique person with unique action and the out-group homogeneity effect then spreads that connection to all the members of that group (also, sub-grouping people will make it so that people who don’t fit the stereotype won’t change the prejudice on that group). 2) Associative Meaning – the two variables are expected to be correlated (preexisting beliefs) so you notice those instances that affirm that correlation and ignore or rationalize those that don’t. II) Society : A)Social Dominance Theory – that group which ends up on top will have prejudicial attitudes toward the groups that don’t in order to justify their oppression. B) Realistic Group Conflict – when two groups are
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