Chapter 2 - 2.22.3 I I II Chapter 2 – Culture Culture –...

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2.22.3 Chapter 2 – Culture I) Culture – the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors and even material objects that are passed from one generation to the next a. Ideal Culture – social patterns mandated by cultural values and norms i. When everyone is content and good at their social role b. Real Culture – Actual social patterns that only approximate cultural expectations c. In A Well-Balanced Society : i. All members know and accept the goals of that society ii. All members have at their disposal the means to achieve them d. Culture Includes : i. What we think, how we act, what we own e. Cultural Shock – personal disorientation that comes from experiencing an unfamiliar way of life f. Characteristics of Culture : i. Culture is shared, culture is learned, culture is taken for granted, culture is symbolic, culture varies across time and place g. Material Culture – material objects (jewelry, art, building, etc…) h. Non material Culture : i. Groups way of thinking (beliefs, values) ii. Groups way of doing (language, gestures) i. Cultural Relativism – trying to understand a culture on its own terms (as opposed to comparing other cultures to our own) i. Looking at how the elements of a culture fit together, without judging those elements as superior
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Chapter 2 - 2.22.3 I I II Chapter 2 – Culture Culture –...

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