Chapter 3 - I Chapter 3 Socialization Society Makes us...

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3.2.3 Chapter 3 – Socialization I) Society Makes us Human – it is through human contact that people grow up to be adult people able to live within a community a. Isolated Children – proved that humans have no natural language and can’t verbalize if they aren’t taught to b. Institutionalized Children – children grow up under-developed mentally without continued human attention and interaction starting early on c. Deprived Animals – proved that monkeys love mothers for their comfort, no food, and that without learning how to be a part of the community early on they can’t get accustomed to community life I) Socialization into the Self, Mind and Emotions d. Self – a view of how others see us and how we see ourselves e. Cooley – our sense of self develops from interactions with others i. Looking-glass Self : 1. We imagine how we appear to those around us 2. We interpret other’s reactions 3. We develop a self concept (feelings and ideas about ourselves) a. This happens everyday to help us form our self-concept f. Mead – play is critical to the development of the self i. In play, children “take role of other” 1. As this ability develops children play role of “significant other” 2. After awhile children learn to think like the “generalized others” and determines how most people think of them ii. Learning to take the role of others : 1. Imitation (3 years and younger) 2. Play (3 – 6 years) 3. Games (organized sports) – most take on several different roles in the game and learn how to anticipate what will happen next iii. The “I”, self as subject – active, spontaneous, creative part of self iv. The “Me”, self as object – the self we internalize from interactions from others
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Chapter 3 - I Chapter 3 Socialization Society Makes us...

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