Chapter 8 - 3-4-03 I) Chapter 8 Social Class in The United...

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3.4.3 Chapter 8 – Social Class in The United States I) Social Class – a large group of people who rank closely to one another in wealth, power and prestige a. Wealth – property (material objects owned) and income i. Distinctions Between Wealth and Income 1. Wealth is more property oriented so that people with a lot of wealth could have inherited it and receive no income b. Power – the ability to carry out your will despite resistance i. Power Elite – those who make the big decisions in society c. Prestige – respect and regard i. Why Some Jobs Give More Prestige Then Others : 1. They pay more 2. They require more education 3. They entail more abstract thought 4. They offer more autonomy (freedom or self-direction) ii. As Opposed To : 1. Pay less 2. Require less education 3. Demand more physical labor 4. Are more closely supervised d. Status Inconsistency – a mixture of high and low ranks i. Ex – janitors who make more money then the people they take trash from (inconsistency between wealth and prestige/power) 1. People with status inconsistencies are often frustrated when they claim their higher status, but are handed a lower one; often these people are more radical politically e. Status Consistency – when wealth, power and prestige match up I) Sociological Models of Social Class f. Updating Marx : i. Marx believed that class was based solely on position in accordance with means of production ii. Problem – have and have-not labels are too broad, because now there are workers who are extremely wealthy yet don’t own any means of production and some people who are capitalists (like small business owners) that are not wealthy 1. There are too many differences between the CEO and the shoe shiner and between the owner of GE and a small business owner
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Chapter 8 - 3-4-03 I) Chapter 8 Social Class in The United...

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