Chapter 13 - 5-13-03 I) II) Chapter 13 Education and...

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5.13.3 Chapter 13 – Education and Religion I) Credential Societies – wherein employers use diplomas and degrees to determine who is eligible for a job II) Education: a. The Functionalist Perspective: i. Manifest Functions – the positive things people intend their actions to accomplish 1. Teaches knowledge and skills, trains each generation which is needed in highly educated postindustrial nations ii. Latent Functions – positive things coming out of an action that was not intended in that action 1. Child care for working families teaching sex education iii. Functions: 1. Cultural Transmission – schools pass on a society’s values from one generation to the next, and also teach patriotism and ethnocentrism 2. Social Integration – teaches kids that they are part of a bigger group and to perceive social institutions as the basis of their welfare a. Mainstreaming – schools try to incorporate disabled students into regular social activities 3. Gatekeeping – determining which people will enter different occupations a. Tracking – sorting students into different educational programs on the basis of their ability i. Helps to fill society’s positions with capable people b. The Conflict Perspective – schools reproduce the social class culture generation after generation, perpetuates a society’s social divisions i. Hidden Curriculum – refers to the unwritten rules of behavior and attitudes that schools teach in
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Chapter 13 - 5-13-03 I) II) Chapter 13 Education and...

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