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3 Major Systems of Social Stratification Slavery – ownership of some people by others; Chattel Slavery – one person owns another; Child Slavery children abandoned by their families or boys and girls so poor that they take to the streets in an effort to survive; Debt Bondage – the practice of paying people to work, but charging them more then they earn for food and shelter; Servile Forms of Marriage – families marry off a woman against her will Causes of slavery : Debt – those that couldn’t pay their debt were enslaved by their creditors; Crime perpetrator would be enslaved to the victim of the crime as punishment and as paying a social debt to them; War and Conquest – those who were conquered were enslaved Conditions of Slavery : Can be temporary, but usually is life-long Slaver is not necessarily inheritable – in some cases children of slaves were set free or even
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Unformatted text preview: adapted into the family of the owners Slaves were not necessarily poor and powerless – in rare instances slaves were allowed to own property, become powerful in the community and even own their own slaves Caste System – status is determined by birth and is life-long: No upward mobility possible, ascription-based system; Clear caste boundaries, caste awareness is very high; Endogamous social relations (must have social relationships within the caste; Status is always ascribed, never achieved Endogamy – marriage within the group, prohibits intermarriage groups/social classes Class System – open system based on money and other material possessions Status starts at birth with ascribed status, but can be changed through effort to gain achieved status; Social Mobility – movement up or down the class ladder...
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