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Intro to SE Comptroller General 1979 % of federal software project: 9% worked on delivery, 30% were paid for but not delivered Correctness – satisfies its specifications; robustness – function under abnormal situations; interoperability – ability to integrate w/ other software; efficacy – complete and efficient functionality relative to the problems that the system is designed to solve users vs. developers – users changing specifications; developers vs. maintainers – documentation 3 personality types Bass and Dunteman found in research regarding team dynamics: Task-oriented , interaction-oriented, self-oriented Gerald Weinburg was the inventor of the concept of “egoless programming” two dangers of democratic team: drifting responsibilities, wasted in democratic process two general classifications of the concept of a “software process model” : prescripted and descripted basic steps of life cycle model: specification & plan; design; code; test; maintenance main drawback of life cycle model: users don't get to interact with the system until its finished difference between validation and verification: valid: Building right product? verify: Building product right? examples: adoptive maintenance – fixing problems caused by other attempts to fix programs; perfective – responding to changes in the environment or attempting to improve system performance; preventive – proactive prevention of errors and/or crashes; corrective – fix problem as arises No Silver Bullet four properties that represent essence of SE – complexity, changeability, conformity, invisibility Watts Humphrey explain his emphasis on keeping track on one's time – PSP estimates the amount of time a project will take distinction between period plan and product plan – period plan is a timeline while product plan is dividing up the work phases in the PSP software process script – plan; design; code; compile; test; postmortem fill in blank – Because __testing __ time is expensive and hard to predict, defects are often a major cause of cost and schedule problems fill in blank – The average cost of finding and fixing a defect increases about __10 __ times with every step of the development process. compiler missed appox. 9.4%
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cheat sheet - Intro to SE Comptroller General 1979 of...

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