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Name_Cassandra Flynn-Rakos_______________Section__________ Reading and pg #_Duiker Chapter 3_page 72___ Date_2/20/2008_______ #2 Response And Inquiry . For each of the three subheadings below, write a full paragraph. Your total assignment should be 250-300 words minimum. 1) What did I learn from this reading? (a quick summary of important points, or of the material that you found most interesting.) While reading this chapter I learned that the facist party was not in favor of the working class man. During the time of their reign the working class’s wages dropped from anywhere between 7 and 20 percent. They were told that the value of the Lira would decline and the cost of living would be less. There was also an increase in unemployment of industry workers because their goods were not exportable. All of this was also due to the world depression, however the leaders of the facist party didn’t provide support or care for the workers or the collapsing companies.
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