contemporary issues paper-sex ed-human growth

contemporary issues paper-sex ed-human growth - Cassandra...

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Cassandra Flynn-Rakos December 11, 2007 Human Growth and Development Contemporary Issues paper There is an increased need for sexual education programs in schools. This is because there is an increased level of circulating hormones during adolescence. These hormones are actively increasing the sex drives in adolescences. If these teens are not properly educated about sex and contraceptive use they will be at a higher risk for becoming pregnant and or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. In most school systems today students are taught to practice abstinence, however an increasing number of adolescence are sexually active. Although abstinence is the most effective birth control, the lack of sexual education programs that discuss the importance of contraceptive use is leaving today’s adolescence blind-sided about the dangers and consequences of not protecting themselves during sex. I feel that every student should take sexual education classes that include teachings on abstinence, the proper use of all contraceptives, healthy sexual relationships, and pregnancy. This topic is very important to me because at a young age I had my virginity taken from me, and I was not very educated on sex, as my school taught only abstinence. Also there are an increasing number of teen pregnancies, most teen mothers
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contemporary issues paper-sex ed-human growth - Cassandra...

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