Issues paper-Intro to Human Services

Issues paper-Intro to Human Services - Cassandra...

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Cassandra Flynn-Rakos Intro to Human Services Due: February 20, 2008 Dr. Christine Shane Amendment XXVIII: The Right to Die A Look into the Legalization of Euthanasia Euthanasia is a form of doctor assisted suicide. There are many different types of Euthanasia and all are currently illegal in the United States with the exception of the state of Oregon. When a patient is being Euthanized they can be given an injection intravenously which causes their death this is called Euthanasia by action. A person could also be assisted to death through euthanasia by omission; this is when the patient is not provided with the appropriate things such as food or water. Also patients can be given a medication that renders them into a deep sleep in which they are left to die, either through the progression of their illness or through starvation. The most important aspect of doctor assisted suicide is whether it is voluntary, involuntary or non voluntary. The difference between non voluntary and involuntary is that non voluntary is when the patient does not request to be euthanized but they are. Involuntary euthanization is when a person specifically asks that they not be euthanized and they are. Although euthanasia is illegal some forms of it are still regularly practiced in today’s healthcare system. Euthanasia dates back to as early as 1828 when the first law was written to outlaw anyone from providing a person with a dangerous weapon and or a harmful chemical that would knowingly be used in the taking of a person’s own life. This would include taking the life of another person with their permission. In 1920 the book Permitting the Destruction of Life Not Worthy of Life by German doctor Alfred Hoche argued that people who ask for assistance in ending their life should have the right to under
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controlled circumstances. This gave way to Hitler’s use of euthanasia in Nazi Germany. Hitler used euthanasia to “knock off” the sick and unwell. Also it was used to remove
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Issues paper-Intro to Human Services - Cassandra...

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