Spa 244 Syllabus (Spring '08)

Spa 244 Syllabus (Spring '08) - University of Miami...

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University of Miami SPA 244 A DVANCED S PANISH FOR H ERITAGE L EARNERS SPRING 2008 Dr. Elena Grau-Lleveria Office location: MB 211-10 Office hours TR 1:45-3:15 Telephone: 28404858 Ext. 7245 E-mail: [email protected] C OURSE DESCRIPTION SPA 244 is an advanced language course designed for those students who have basic functional abilities in speaking, reading and writing Spanish because of family background or social experience, and prior formal study of the language. Most students entering SPA 244 were born and educated entirely in the United States. The principal aim of the course is to cultivate formal academic speaking, reading and writing competencies among these students, and to develop critical thinking skills and analytical expression through Spanish language in relation to cultural, literary, political and social texts. Any student who attended high school in a Spanish-speaking country must take SPA 343. In practical curricular terms, Spanish 244 serves two main functions: 1) to prepare heritage learners who intend to pursue more advanced studies in Spanish (at the 300-level) for the tasks in which they will be expected to engage; in this sense, the course constitutes a ‘bridge’ between the basic language issues focused on in SPA 143 and 243, and the sort of critical thinking and analysis of texts necessary to succeed in SPA 343 (Introduction to Literary Genres for Native/Heritage Speakers). The pedagogical focus is on analytical grammar, short contemporary literary texts and films from throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and social and cultural issues. As students acquire explicit knowledge of grammar and language structure, they gain an understanding and appreciation for discourse. Courses are based on active learner participation. Students are expected to engage in interactive small and whole group activities. All basic Spanish language courses (both for non-heritage and heritage learners) in the Department are fully conducted in Spanish in order to provide students with maximum exposure to the language. All readings, class discussions, written assignments and course exams are entirely in Spanish. Your instructor will speak only Spanish to you during class, and you are obligated to do the same with your instructor and classmates . The Department and the University require that heritage learners of Spanish enroll in SPA 143, 243 or 244 in fulfillment of the University's general education requirement for language. Course instructors and the Department reserve the right to disenroll any heritage learner who is inadequately placed in SPA 101, 102, 105, 211 or 212. Likewise, they reserve the right to disenroll from SPA 143, 243 or 244 any student who completed primary or secondary schooling in a Spanish-speaking country. If you have doubts about your placement status, consult with your instructor immediately. P
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course SPA 244 taught by Professor Grau during the Spring '08 term at University of Miami.

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Spa 244 Syllabus (Spring '08) - University of Miami...

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