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03-04-08 Western Civ Since Renaissance Part One Study Questions What were the most important characteristics of medieval society and culture? Division of society into three estates of clergy (those who pray), nobility (those who fight), and laborers (those who work); king has absolute rule; warriors loyal to lord; medieval armies notorious for causing havoc by looting when not engaged in battle; over population of cities; social upheaval and disarray of labor force and economy following Black Death; poor climate for harvests “little ice age” What were the effects of the black plague and how successfully did western Europe recover from them? estimated 25%-50% of European population killed between 1347 and 1351; live-for-the-moment
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Unformatted text preview: behavior (sexual and alcoholic orgies, flagellants, abandoning of children); people felt hopeless, survivors felt life was cheap; ended in 1351, but had multiple recurrences until 13 th century; took Europe several generations to fully recover due to many recurrences; people still afraid: violence more common after plague, morbid preoccupation with death What was the connection between weakened feudal ties and the evolution of the medieval economy? Weakened ties lead to peasant revolts; labor shortages lead to higher price for labor; lower population, lower need for agricultural production...
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