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The Communist Manifesto essay

The Communist Manifesto essay - Goodhue 1 In The Communist...

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Goodhue 1 In The Communist Manifesto , Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels do an excellent job of accurately portraying the abuses of nineteenth-century capitalism. Not only do they describe the conditions of the time and explain why capitalism is not working, but they also offer a solution to these issues. They believe that communism will eliminate much of the class struggle and economic society has been experiencing. This work was created as an attempt to persuade Europeans to abandon capitalism in favor of communism instead by showing them that the bourgeoisie has been using and taking advantage of the proletariat. Marx and Engels begin the manifesto by pointing out the unjust way society is being run by capitalists. The Industrial Revolution played a large role in this as well. As manufacturing began to grow, more workers were needed to actually run the factories. “The industrial revolution intensified economic pressures on working-class families, all members of the family went to work to earn a wage at this time” (Tierney & Scott 249). This, of course, does not refer to the factory-owning upper class, but rather the underpaid and overworked proletariat. They
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